The Next Phase in Visual Sales Technology 

Empower Vehicle Wrap Installers with Advanced AR Capabilities and Expanded Model Integration


The creation of a visual sales platform, highlighted a critical need for expansion to cater to a diverse customer base on the go, including Vehicle Wrap Installers who required more robust tools to present various wrapping options to their clients.


The platform faced challenges in its limited model range and the lack of photorealistic textures that could dynamically adjust to various vehicle specifications in an augmented reality environment.

Solution Goals 

The project aimed to enhance the platform’s capabilities to better serve Vehicle Wrap Installers by:

  • Increasing the number of available 3D models stored on a cloud-based server, facilitating easier access and broader customization options.
  • Upgrading the app to efficiently pull these models from the server and use them in an augmented reality process, allowing installers to overlay wraps onto real vehicles in real-time.
  • Developing a detailed color and texture palette that not only supported the existing range but also included advanced options like flip colors and sparkles, catering to market trends and installer needs.


The second phase of the Visual Sales Platform was markedly successful, integrating new 3D models and significantly enhancing the color and texture palette.

Vehicle Wrap Installers particularly benefited from the ability to present a photorealistic and dynamically changeable view of potential wraps to their clients, which improved client satisfaction and helped installers in making quicker, more informed decisions. Feedback from installers was positive, noting the platform’s enhanced functionality and the realistic nature of the AR models.

    Company Profile

    UK Vehicle Wrap Installer who wants to have the opportunity to view the finished project with AR, prior to carrying out the work.

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