Parking Specialists: Digitise for Increased Security

Streamline gated community security provisions with micro data capture and communication system.


Our client, a national provider of Parking Management and Enforcement services, faced significant challenges in controlling access and ensuring security within a gated community they were managing. 

The existing system proved to be inadequate, leading to various issues. Such as inefficient communication, and a lack of automation. This posed security challenges for the community meaning that unauthorised individuals could enter undetected, posing potential risks to the safety and well-being of residents. They also had issues with limited data capture and manual time-consuming processes. 

This all resulted in a lack of visitor control The client struggled to accurately track and manage the individuals entering and spending time in the gated community. Without a streamlined process to log, search, and instantly contact visitors, they faced difficulties in maintaining control over who was permitted to enter and how long they were allowed to stay. 

Prior to the deployment of their new bespoke business system, they faced situations, such as unauthorised individuals accessing the community, or residents exceeding their allotted time. In turn, compromising the security of the premises. Recognising these issues, the client turned to to develop a tailored solution to meet their requirements. 

Solution goals 

Met Parking Services required a means to quickly capture number plates, emails and permitted duration of visit. The aim was to streamline the process of managing who was allowed to enter, and how long they were allowed to stay in the gated community

They also wanted the ability to automatically send emails to visitors to inform them about the rules and their permitted duration of stay. And when the visitors leave the premises, they automatically receive a message to thank them for their visit.


The company chose to create a bespoke micro-data capture system with the ability to capture, monitor, flag and contact visitors. This new security technology was quickly turned around and successfully manages who is permitted to enter the gated community with ease. Resulting in:

  • Improved organisation, and security 
  • Enhanced efficiency, and communication 
  • Delivered an effective visitor management tool
  • Ensured visitor tracking and monitoring 
  • Contact visitors overstaying their allocated slot 
❝ With, We were able to achieve in 7 days what we’ve been trying for 4 years❞
– Zak J. 

Company Profile

National provider of Parking Management and Enforcement services to the public and private sector.

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