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This high-growth surveyor company needed to quickly deploy an IT platform to keep up with a tsunami of paperwork associated with high volumes of custom. Without the ability to search, refine, update, and instantly generate reports there was no scope for rapidly scaling the business, despite the massive opportunity that lay in front of them. 

There was an additional layer of complexity, and urgency added when the Government mandated the EWS1 requirement due to the Grenfell Tower Fire. 

When the client first approached us, back in 2013 they had 200,000+ houses to survey. Plus there was the additional challenge of new legislation.

Which added another layer of complexity related to compliance. New market needs, such as a demand for faster time-to-market also added stress on the company. These challenges would be insurmountable without a cloud based technology that could support such a significant digitisation effort. 

Note: Since 2013 we’ve created several iterations of the system to meet the fast-paced demands of a modern chartered building surveyor company.

Solution Goals 

The company determined they needed to standardise workflows and automate report generation. They also wanted to track and monitor progress against critical business metrics across their chartered surveyor operations. As well as the opportunity to design large multi-page reports on the fly. 

They also wanted to develop a centralised system of data, knowledge and document management that could provide updates on the status of reports and regulations, pertaining to thousands of properties. With the ability to manage, sort and categorise houses. Integrated with Google earth, the system provides all of the housing stock  information and has every possible datapoint you could need on site. 

What the client says about Michael (Head of AI Driven Software Development at Rowe AI) :


The company chose to create a bespoke automated comprehensive business system platform. This new innovative technology allowed for rapid growth across the company and their partners. Which was instrumental in allowing the business to grow at scale and meet revenue targets.

  • 1 man surveyor to a 50 office business
  • From six figures to multiple eight figures
  • Improved collaboration and organisation
  • Enhanced quality and efficiency, and reduced costs
  • Delivered effective enterprise software
  • Ensured workflow tracking and monitoring
❝ I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael for anything, an honest guy who will do a good day’s work. ❞
– Phil D. 

Company Profile

National chartered surveyors and fire engineering consultants.

Leader in the field of innovative building consultancy services.

Operations in Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and London 

Automate repetitive tasks so that you can focus on what really matters. How can we make your life easier?   

Enterprise Software by ROWE.AI revolutionises the way businesses operate by providing a comprehensive platform for digital transformation. Our mission is to expedite our customers’ growth by uncovering, conceptualising, and streamlining their critical processes.

With the platform, we integrate essential functionalities to ensure faster task completion, encompassing process mining, workflow management, and automation. To learn more about how can empower your business, please get in touch today!

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